Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Just to prooooove I'm not a complete Scrooge (ehem, thanks Connie), here is a cute video from the kid's program at church this morning. Ella is on the far right in the grey sparkly dress with black leggings and Luke is more toward the middle 2 over from the tall kid in the red shirt.

Check it out around the 1:28 and 1:55 marks. Yup that's my kid going ape with the bells. So proud(ish). Yes, proud-ish. That's the emotion I'm feeling right now.

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Tori :) said...

Oh man. I look forward to the bell choir vid every year since they started. I could pick Luke out without you showing me where he was (have you noticed that he starts to bounce up and down right before it's his turn?). I also love that Ella is the responsible kid they choose to start the song and keep the beat.