Sunday, March 21, 2010

Opinion time

Recently, we let the kids watch a Star Wars movie for the first time (A New Hope--the first of the classic movies) because they had been pestering us for a while about it. I think we may have created Star Wars junkies because now they want to watch it all the time. Well, that and Harry Potter. They've only seen pieces of HP because some of it may cause nightmares and the nightmares would cause a lack of sleep for me which is a problem.

I remember being pretty little and watching the first Star Wars movie quite a few New Year's Eve celebrations in a row. One of the TV stations always seemed to show it every year and we would watch it at my Dad's cousin's house while the adults were playing cards. Aron never watched any of the movies until he was in college (freak!!) and I twisted his arm to do it.

How old were you when you first watched them? Vote!

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