Tuesday, March 09, 2010


**As a side note, creations at Dirty Franks can be made vegetarian and vegan.
You can't see it but there's a ketchup smiley face on there.
Um, hi. Yes, please stay away from my octo-dog.

The octo-dog trumpet tribute to Uncle Jeffy
The octo-dog mouthful
Uh...so I'm starting to feel a little dumb with this big octo-dog hangin outta my mouth. Stop taking my picture now, mmm-k?
We recently went to a semi-local hot dog place that serve Octo-dogs. The kids both ordered one and enjoyed them. Luke maybe a bit more than the average kid.


Tori :) said...

i think i might be a little grossed out...

Annie said...

You should be a lot grossed out. I was there and witnessed it.