Friday, March 19, 2010

Mommy and Muffins Day at Pre-K

***unless otherwise noted, all pix are courtesy of Luke
I couldn't get him to look at the camera while I took the pic. Diva.

Here's his buddy. He kept making this weird face everytime Luke tried to take his picture. Goofball!

Gorgeous decorations.

This is punch with sherbert in it (Luke's fave course)

There were snacks (graham cracker sticks and pumpkin dip).
Luke's kinda hidden in there but he's between the girl in the blue shirt and the boy in the green/white striped shirt (I took this one). The kids all sang their Moms sweet little songs. The woman in the blue who is the closest to the camera is one of the school's teachers who was trying to get the kids to sing louder. Believe me when I say my kid needs no encouragement to be loud.
You may remember this little girl from this post (sorry to her Mom for putting in a less-than-optimal pic of her). Ah, Luke's muse. I love the out-of-control curliness of her hair.

Last week, Luke and I attended his pre-school's annual Mommy and Muffins day. Long time blog readers remember Ella's Mommy and Muffins Day from last year.
It was awesome! Luke made me a crown (but I forgot to get a pic of me in it--darn!). In one of the pix above you can see a couple of the other Mommys wearing the crowns so just picture me in one.
The entire thing was very cute. We made a little craft in Luke's classroom then went to a large room when we had a snack (graham crackers stix with pumpkin dip and punch with sherbert in it) and were serenaded by the soothing sounds of our children singing.

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