Thursday, September 28, 2006

Story Hour--Grammie edition

For those of you who don't know, my Mom works at a library. It's not the one that we normally go to because it's about 10 minutes away from my house vs the one in town being 1 minute away. Because we missed story hour with Miss Lori yesterday due to our Malabar Farm excursion, I decided I would take her to Grammie's Big Girl story hour (aka the 3-5 year old story hour). Grammie and her friends made an exception for Ella to come even though she's not 3 yet. We went today and SHE LOVED IT! She did really well. Grammie says that I need to buy Ella a pair of scissors, though, because she didn't know how to use them when it came to craft time. Call me crazy but I thought a 2 year old was too young for scissors but what do I know. I understand that Ella had a good time hanging out with another little girl. They shared glue, scissors, and all kinds of other fun, crafty things. The letter of the day for today was "B" so they made a bumblebee craft and a bear puppet. After story hour, they ate Bugles for their snack. What a B filled hour!

Here's the disturbing part, though. When all the kids left at the end of story hour, it was just Grammie, Ella, me, and the other librarians remaining. One of the librarians saw something lying on the floor. She went over and picked it up only to discover that it was a pair of Blues Clues underwear. They assumed they were Ella's because they know that she enjoys being nudie. I told them they were not because we don't have Blues Clues underwear. Bottom line is that some kid left story hour without their underwear on and guess what a surprised Mommy they will have when they get home. All I know is WHEW! IT WASN'T MY KID!!

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