Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Big Girl Story Hour

That's right, my friends, Ella went to the big girl story hour today. This entails her going to the library and hanging out at story hour for an entire hour ALL BY HERSELF. I was a little worried about how she would do because she's been a little tantrum-y lately (to say the least). But, as always, I prepped her for what would happen a few times this week by letting her know that she would be going to hang out with Miss Lori, it would be fun, Lukie and I would be going to run some errands, etc to let her know that she would be doing this all by herself. She did wonderful! We got to the library a couple minutes early so she could put on her name tag and play a little bit first. I took her in to the story hour room and told her to pick a spot on the rug. She sat down and told me goodbye, gave me a kiss, then gave Lukie a kiss and off we went. I told her I was running some errands but in all reality I was just sitting outside the room in the play area with Luke playing with toys. I peeked in the window a couple times to check on her and she was playing and having a great time dancing around with the other kids. Miss Lori said she did great and grew up a lot over the summer.

Lukie didn't know what to do with his new found freedom from his sister. He played in the play area but every once in a while would look around for Ella. He kept trying to climb up on one of the Daddys and chew on his arm so I eventually took him upstairs to look at magazines.

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gram said...

Grammie is not ready for her to be so grown up. It's killing me!