Sunday, September 03, 2006

Speaking of OSU/N Illinois

We totally kicked some serious butt in that game. But on a more hilarious note, my bro was in the alumni marching band there. He was all excited cause he was the top of the I in one of the Script Ohio formations. Too bad his beret (yeah, I said beret. All the cool kids are wearing them) totally fell off in front 108,312 people. I pointed and totally mocked him but he couldn't see me cause I was like a bazillion rows up in the South Stands. But my point is...well, I don't really have one other than HAHA Your beret fell off!


Tori said...

yep. you were right. i totally did. ;)

Anonymous said...

I was very sweaty and working hard out on the field. It could happen to anyone stylish enough to wear a beret.