Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy, Fun Adventure

Yesterday, Aron decided to take a day off work (yeah!) and we all loaded ourselves into the CR-V (again as a side note to my dad NOT A MINIVAN) and drove and drove and drove until we arrived at Malabar Farm. None of us had ever been there and for those of you who haven't been either it's an old farm that author Louis Bromfield owned. Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart were married there way back when. It's now a state park with trails and other naturey things to do. There was a petting zoo which Ella and Luke both enjoyed--think petting a Shetland Pony. We took pictures which are bound to be uber cute but the camera's still in the car and it's raining really hard right now. I'll post them later.

We stayed there a while but then decided it was time to go because we needed to shop for a car seat for Luke (he's turning one soon so he needs a big boy car seat) and the kids were starting to get squirmy. We found a car seat but couldn't buy one because our car was too loaded with our little, red wagon, and our double stroller (Aron thought we might need both while we were hiking).

Ella had 2 great observations while we were at Malabar Farm. We were walking toward the visitor's center and the sun was behind us so it cast a shadow in front of us. She looked at the shadow and said "Look Mommy, the shadows are holding hands, too." Then about 5 seconds after that she said "We're sharing a shadow. Thank you for sharing with me." I almost went into a sugar coma she's so sweet.

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