Monday, September 18, 2006


Ella has some pretty funny one are a couple of my favorites

1.) When she eats a bowl of soup, she closes her eyes and blissfully says " makes my belly warm."

2.) She likes to lick my arm~for some reason she thinks this is hilarious (probably because I always say "Ew, yuck why are you licking my arm?"). When she does this, she cracks herself up by saying "Yum. Tastes like chicken." Sometimes she'll say "Yum, tastes like soup" but most the time it's tastes like chicken. Hannibal Lector in the making??

3.) When Luke poops in his diaper, she likes to come and tell me that Luke has "junk in his trunk." I think maybe I said this to her one time and she has picked up on it.

She's a riot.

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mary e said...

omigosh how i miss hearing about the kidlings... Ella is gonna be a hoot from now on i think....and that Luke is such a killer!!! lookit all that hair, and the goofy, toofy grin!!!