Monday, July 10, 2006


Luke's all over the place! Ever since he learned how to crawl, he's all over the house. He's also pulling himself to standing on anything that will support his chubby little self. He's transferring from a standing position from one toy to another and not losing his balance. This can only mean one thing. Walking is right around the corner. Yikes! I guess he must've heard me talk about how he would have to pick up the pace if he wanted to walk before his sister.

He's also decided he doesn't really enjoy baby food any more. What he wants is what we're eating. Ella was feeding him whole peas the other day and he was loving it. If I try to give him peas from a jar, he balks. Of course, have you ever smelled peas from a jar? Yeah, I'd clamp my mouth shut tighter than Fort Knox, too.

A new favorite of his is to try to play with the electrical cords by the DVD and lamps. Even Grammie had to put the smack down on him on Friday for that...she pointed to him and said "Lukie! No, no." He even listened to her and crawled away. What a good boy.

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