Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I said go to time out!

I had an appointment with the dentist today (yup, a cavity.). Ella and Luke went and hung out at Aunt Robbie's while I was there. They had a bunch of fun together. When I got back to their house, Luke was sleeping so I stayed for lunch. After lunch, Ella and Myles took turns putting each other in time out. Ella would point to the entry way for Myles to go in time out and yell "Time out, My!" He'd dutifully walk in and she would shut the door behind him. Then he'd come charging out and yell "Time out, Ella!" Then it was her turn to go in time out and he'd shut the door behind her. Imagine all this admist tons of giggling and stomping around. Ella's definitely started a phase where she likes to put people in time out. She put me in time out the other day because I was being too loud scraping off wallpaper in my bedroom when she was trying to take a nap. She came storming out of her room and said "Mommy, you too loud. Go in time out, please. Thanks" then stomped back in her room and shut the door. If nothing else, at least she was polite, I guess.

She really just likes to reprimand in general which goes along with her current favorite future occupation--teacher. She told me the other day she wants to be a teacher when she's a big girl. It's probably because Aron and she were taking a walk last night and ran into a neighbor of ours that is a kindergarten teacher in our school district. They talked all about how when Ella gets to be 5 she can go to school and might have this neighbor in class with her. Ella gets very excited when you talk about how she's going to go to school someday. I think she thinks it's all crafts and playing on the swings. She also doesn't understand that her precious My My (Myles) isn't going to be going with her.

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