Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Fourth of July was restful?!

Yeah, that's right. The Fourth was restful for this family. After weeks and weeks of being on the go nonstop, we decided to stage a family intervention. Aron and I made a pact that we would not go anywhere or do anything the entire weekend. IT WAS SO NICE! I've been working on remodeling/redecorating our bedroom (that's right, ladies and gentlemen, the green and white striped walls are history. Sniff, sniff) so I spent a majority of Saturday and Sunday scraping wallpaper and getting the room ready to paint. I'm going to go with a buttery yellow color. Aron hates it but what's he going to do about it? Divorce me?

We did break our pact momentarily to have my family over on Monday night. Aron came up with the concept of the "hotdog bar." What is hotdog bar, you ask? Basically, you have everyone that comes over bring their favorite hotdog topping, put them in the middle of the table, and eat away. Some of the things brought included: sauerkraut (a given), pickle relish (also, a given), baked beans (sounds crazy but it's just beans and weiners on a bun), and coleslaw (now that was creative AND tasty). Grillmaster Aron (aka Aron) even slightly burned a hotdog just for me just the way I like it. Aron was in heaven and I believe he had 3 hotdogs then proceeded to claim that he was so full that he would never eat again. Um, yeah. He must've meant he would never eat again until another dish of food was in front of him. He's like that Japanese guy that can eat like 50 hotdogs every Fourth of July.

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Tori said...

So was he full like that time he and the other guys ate an entire ThurmanBurger plus fries? Full enough to have a belly worth taking a picture of? (That photo is still in my possession, by the way.)

No, you say?

That's what I thought.