Monday, July 31, 2006

Auntie T will be banished from our house if she keeps bringing loud/annoying gifts!

Auntie Tori came to visit this weekend. As always, she brought gifts to spoil my children with her. Among the gifts this time, was a Minnie Mouse cell phone with sound effects. It was very cute the first 3000 times she played with it but now I just want to run it over with my car. It's a camera phone, too, so I'm very tired of her making me stop what I'm doing to smile for the camera. I think technically the phone was from Tori's Mom, Lana (aka Granny Lanny) but because she wasn't here to present it to Ella I will force my wrath on Tor.

Although, I guess I can't be too mad...look at how darn happy Ella looks!


Sharolin said...

Yep, i know how you feel about annoying toys.

I too have been on the receiving end of toys from aunties that they wouldn't think about buying for their own kids.

Just be patient and hopefully it will lose its novelty sooner rather than later huh.

My most embassing moment with noisy toys was a couple of christmas' ago. the whole family went to a real nice restaurant for a meal. After the meal over coffee my sis produced the loudest annoying game i have ever come across (Hungry Hippos). Of course all the kids loved it, but needless to say other guests didnt. I wished the ground would open up ans swallow me.

Annie said...

I loved Hungry Hungry Hippos when I was a kid. I'm glad to know it lives on!

Tori said...

just for the record, i would totally buy loud annoying toys for my own kids...i'm a glutton for punishment. heehee. :)

and I will so not be banished from your house, missy, and you know it... you don't want to lose a beading buddy!