Monday, July 10, 2006

Rest for the rest for the Daddy...

Saturday I had the day off from the kiddies. Whoops. I meant, Aron got some quality bonding time with his children. I went to a party in the morning and early afternoon. I told Aron that he could stay home with the kids and see what its really like to watch the kids (he thinks it's easy and thinks that I should get many household chores done when I'm home with the kids but I beg to differ). He decided to take the kids to Granny Lindy and Steve's house instead (wimp). While there, they had a cookout with hotdogs (Ella's favorite) and burgers.

Sunday was good, too. Granny Lindy and Steve came over and watched the kidderoos while Aron and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2. While we were at the movie, they went to the park. There was much swinging and sliding. Ah, good times.

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