Sunday, July 16, 2006

Birthday-palooza--2006 edition

My birthday was today (woooooooooo!) and so Aron and I went out last night to celebrate. He tried to surprise me with an evening of fun. I give him an A for effort but a C+ for actual execution of surprise event. Here are the ways that I knew he was doing something to surprise me for my birthday:
1.) He hadn't mentioned us doing anything for my birthday despite the fact that he had mentioned my turning thirty about a bazillion times in the previous weeks. Normally, he would bug me to death trying to get me to decide what we were going to do (think "what do you want to do for your birthday" "Seriously what do you want to do for your birthday" "Have you thought about what you want to do for you birthday" and so on and so on until he drives me insane or I break and decide what I want to do.)
2.) He was out in our garage talking to our teenage babysitter. Why in the world would he be talking to our babysitter in secret unless he was trying to be sneaky about doing something for my birthday? Oh, Aron!

We went out to dinner at Bon Vie which is a really nice restaurant. Aron spent the dinner looking hungrily at my plate and sneaking forkfuls of my food off my plate when I wasn't looking because he liked my food more than his--pathetic. Bon Vie is known for their selection of yummy martinis so I decided to have a mango martini which was quite tasty.

We also went shopping at Trader Joe's (I had never been there before and was quite impressed with their selection of organic/health foods). They even had fruit leather (a favorite of Ella's) which was cheaper than what we normally pay. Aw yeah. They must've known it was my birthday and marked the price down just for me.

After Joe's, we went around and shopped. After shopping, we went to a comedy club and watched a stand up comedian. That was fun. We've been to a bunch of different comedy clubs when we go on vacations (we've been to improv places in Boston and Chicago and Caroline's in NYC and had good times) but had never been to this one that was so close to home. Oh the good times.

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