Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beach Party!

Aunt Robbie and Ella

Beach Bum Lukie

Woooooooooooooooo! We went to the beach yesterday! Robin's Mom and Dad live in a gated community on a lake and Myles had been visiting them for the past week. Robin, Ella, Luke, and I all decided to get him yesterday and spend the day at the beach while we were there. Aron had to work (haha!!) so it was just the four of us making the trek to get him. They live a couple hours away. Luke slept most of the way there and Ella patiently watched the scenery while she counted the minutes until she would get to see her precious Myles again. I almost got busted for speeding (I will blog about this separately because it truly deserves it's own segment) but eventually, we made it there. We spent a couple hours on the main beach swimming, snacking, and making sand castles. Ella had a blast playing in the sand and splashing around in the lake. She wasn't afraid of the water at all. I made her wear a floatie bathing suit (think life jacket in bathing suit form with flowers on it) and she rode around on an inflatable frog. She liked to paddle around on the frog and would weave in front of me while shouting over her shoulder "Passed ya!" I think I might be in trouble when she's sixteen and passes cars like that. Hmmm. We (Robin, Robin's Mom, and I) all took turns hanging out with Luke on the beach. He liked playing with it (and trying to eat it, of course) and scooping it into the bucket. He wasn't as fond of the water but that's ok. He's used to his tiny little infant bathtub so I'm sure the lake seemed huge!


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Tori said...

So did YOU actually go in the water??