Sunday, April 28, 2013

Science night

About a month ago (maybe even more), the kids attended a science night in association with a local Boy Scout troop event at their elementary school.  If I was a better parent, I probably would've made them read and learn about all of the principles involved with playing with balloons, taking pretend soil samples with straws in multi-colored cupcakes, and other games they participated in.  But I'm not parent so you'll not learn about them in this blog either.  Instead, you will see pictures of the kids with their friend, Allie, playing and having a good time with balloons and the like.
See?  Balloon playing.

Bunny ears with the cupcake "soil sample."

More balloons.

Learning how to take their tasty soil sample.

Allie, Luke, and Ella learning about something.  Who knows what it was?  Not me.

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