Friday, April 12, 2013

Hey Look! A Squirrel!

This is a true convo that happened at our house:

Aron: So he's related to the Hatfields?  Like the Hatfields and McCoys?
Annie: Apparently. 
Aron: Huh.
Annie:  Which one was Hatfield in that show?
Aron:  What show?
Annie:  That stupid show you made me watch that you thought was super good and somehow quite a few people ended up watching it, too.
Aron:  The one on the History channel?
Annie: Yeah.
Aron:  I dunno.
Annie:  Was it Tin Cup guy or the other guy?
Aron: Tin Cup?
Annie: Tin Cup.  The guy from Tin Cup.  You remember when you were flipping around the TV that time and got to the TV guide channel and you watched like half a screen of Tin Cup while the channel guide was rolling along the bottom half?
Aron: Tin Cup?
Annie:  I think that was a real low point for you when you watched the half screen version of that movie, sweetie.
Annie:  *sigh* The Hatfields show...which one was Hatfield, Tin Cup guy or the other know, the Big Love guy.
Aron: Are you trying to say Kevin Costner?
Annie:  Yeah, him.  Was he Hatfield or McCoy?
Aron: Honestly, you use Tin Cup to describe Kevin Costner?
Annie: I guess I coulda used Waterworld...would that have been a more suitable alternative?
Aron:  I can not believe you just used Tin Cup.  Better options would have been Robin Hood or Dances With Wolves.
Annie:  But I thought that would have been more relatable given your history with the half-screen TV Guide channel version of the movie.  So who was Hatfield? Was that him or the Big Love guy?
Aron:  I don't know who the hell the Big Love guy is.
Annie:  Well you're not very helpful.

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Gram said...

Sympathies, Aron. Meanwhile Annie, you make me laugh!