Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jane update!

I'm sure you've all been anxiously awaiting an update on our former kitty aka Jane.  My friend, Jeanne, has been especially on the edge of her seat wanting to know how she's doing because she's such a huge fan of furry pets.   Long time readers know that Jane had to go and live with my in-laws a few years ago due to unacceptable behavior issues.  Why they put up with her crappola I'll never know. 
Jane used to look like this:
See how cute little Jane was?  So tiny and petite.
Here's Jane now:
She kinda looks like an overstuffed raccoon at this point.

Yup, it's hard to lift her up.

"See?  I can pick up Jane, too.  Hurry up and snap the picture, Ma...I can feel my L4-L5 herniating."  (a little adjudicator humor for Jeanne and Connie).

"Stop making fun of Janie!  She doesn't like labels like "plump" or "fatty patty" or "chubby wubby tub tub."  Use your kind words please, Mommy."

I love her.

"I hate you Annie.  If I still had my claws, I would go for your face."

"Still picking her up!  Take her pic!"

Yup, she's wider than my 9 year old.  Awwwwwkward.

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Gram said...

I love Janie, too!