Monday, April 08, 2013

Good Eats!

Vacations mean tasty adventures in food for us. I got pictures of some our yummies and/or the places we stopped.

First stop for us was Schoop's of Warsaw, Indiana. 

Schoop's was pretty tasty.  Think of an Indiana version of Steak and Shake.  It was vacation so I let the kids eat whatever they wanted so they both chose Irish nachos which consisted of fries, cheese, bacon, and ranch dressing.  They were so lucky it was vacation because that would never be their meal here in Ohio.

Once we made it to Chicago, we decided to get adventurous by going to a tapas restaurant called Emilio's Sol Y Nieve.  We had a variety of cold and hot plates.  Super tasty and the kids were great about trying new things (love that about the kids!).  I don't remember what his was but here's what we got there:

I forget what this was but it was tasty-licious.

We met up with our friends, Jenny and Tommy.  Aron and Jenny drank coffee together like they were in college studying for an all-nighter at Yolk.  I'm not a huge breakfast eater so I had a bagel but everyone else had breakfast yumminess including Luke who ordered his long-standing favorites of scrambled eggs and bacon along with biscuits all smothered in a white gravy. 
Jenny looks caffinated but Aron looks barely awake.
Crabby-looking Ella and Tommy dunked their bacon into their pots of
syrup.  Luke, not pictured, drank syrup from the pot when
no one was paying attention.  Yup.  That's Aron's kid.
  Next up:  Lou Malnatti's for some deep dish pizza.  We were still with Jenny and Tommy so we had one kid pizza (pepperoni) and one adult pizza (The Lou: spinach, mushrooms, and roma tomatoes). 

Jenny and Ella conspired to take this pic without me...I'm
sitting across the table.  I don't think I like the two of them
hooking up to do stuff.  Jenny makes me nervous.
The kid pizza.  Yum!
Next up was Bandera which featured this yum-tacular cornbread below.  Ella and Luke both say that they serve the absolute best grilled cheese ever.  I would say they make a mighty fine fish sandwich.

On the way home, we stopped by a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives location called South Side Soda Shop in Goshen, IN.  

We had a great server who was very understanding about having 2 semi-cranky, travel-weary kids to hang out with.  She was able to recommend a Green River phosphate drink (see also below) as well as several other tasty phosphates.
Click the photo to enlarge Luke threatening
to dunk his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (suspiciously
the same color as the Green River) in his cup.

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