Sunday, April 28, 2013

I will teach you, teach you, teach you, I will teach you the E-lec-tric Sliiiiiiiiiide!

Luke is still going strong with his friends and the Boy Scouts.  A few weeks ago, they went to a local adult DD facility and had some dance lessons with a man and woman who have to be the most patient people ever (patience of Job, I tell ya).  They seemed to truly have a good time teaching songs like the Electric Slide and Cotton-Eyed Joe to a large group of little boys who had no coordination and the adults from the facility.  
Luke is the scout furthest to the left with no hat on.
Again, the he's the scout on the left (the one beside him is our neighbor friend, Landon)

This is one of Luke's friends.  He had his hands in his pockets the whole time.  Too cute!

My little man.
Need a little extra entertainment?  Click the link below to watch Luke show off his moves.  Oh and you may want to turn the sound down...I talk and cackle a lot during the video.  You should be able to pick Luke out for all the high kicking he did.

Click here:

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