Sunday, February 10, 2013

When I am old and I can't see...

Yup, that's him.  I meant to go back
and get another pic but got
distracted.  Surprise.
 Recently, Uncle Jeff dusted off his uniform to referree a high school basketball game.  I sent him a text where I offered to let him kick me out of the game if he needs to make the fans fear the wrath of his officiating. (#bestsister #notkidding #meetatwendyslater #keepaneyeonmykidsafterIleave #youoweme$20).  He didn't have to follow thru with that offer because it was a blow out but I still did my best to be a loud, offensive fan in the stands (envision loud cat calls when he bent over and a lot of WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when he did something bad...or good for that matter).


We took the kids to watch.  And by watch, I mean let them play with their respective electronic devices while sitting in the general vascinity of Uncle Jeff being a ref.  At some point during the 3rd quarter, Luke finally looked up from the ipod/kindle/leap pad that he was playing with and said "Hey!  Uncle Jeffy is out there in the stripes!"

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