Sunday, February 10, 2013

Scouty McScouterson, Mayor of Scouttown USA

I'm not sure if I remembered to blog about Luke being a member of the Boy Scouts this year.  Luke *really* enjoyed being a member of this organization.  For the parents, it's a bigger time commitment than I had anticipated (the den meets twice a month for an hour, the pack meets once a month for a couple hours and numerous outings, camp outs, etc).  I was a bad parent and didn't take him to any pack meetings nor did we go to every single outing.  It was just too much togetherness for the scouts and me :)
They had a Blue and Gold banquet which seemed like a big deal (I don't know much about the scouts in case you didn't pick up on this). You start as a Tiger Cub when you're a first year member but by the end of the banquet, Luke was promoted to a Bobcat. 
He didn't want to take his picture but Aron held him down and forced it

Parents pinned their new badges on their uniforms

New Bobcats

Love your badges, man

More ceremonial pinning

Ornery scouts

Good scouts ready to help little old ladies cross the street

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