Sunday, February 10, 2013

Down time

There was quite a bit of down time associated with the Blue and Gold banquet. Luke played with his orange kerchief to the point that it looked like the ascot that Fred wears.
See the resemblence?
Then he got tired of wearing it and wanted it off.  Like forever.
We passed the time with various time wasters...

I took a senior picture.

Our next door buddy just wanted it to be done.

Luke considered a nap with his ascot.

This is my neighbor who wants to be me

Um, yeah, I called you out on the copycatting you do.

I just love arching my brow, flaring my nostrils, and kissing the camera in my crooked glasses.

This is the inside of someone's mouth but I'm not sure who.  Does anyone recognize
those molars?

Me and my buddy.

Ugh.  That guy.


Connie said...

I told you it would be painful. Boy Scouts = bad.

Annie said...

You know it, Con!!