Monday, February 04, 2013

Sad news from our house to yours

We lost our beloved kitty, Kiki, on Tuesday.  We're not really sure what happened to her.  I let her out the back door in the morning.  I told her to "be a good kitty today" and that I loved her which I said to her every time she went outside.  She rolled around in the grass in our backyard and I gave her a little pet as I walked to my car to go to work around 10.  By 11:45, my neighbor called me to tell me that she thought Kiki was sleeping in her backyard but when she tried to wake her up, she didn't get up.  She wasn't attacked by an animal and she wasn't hit by a car.  It looked like she just went to sleep and never woke up again. 
She's already been declared the best kitty ever (come on, long-time readers, did you really think I would let Jane get that honor??), and we have all acknowledged that it is unlikely that we'll ever get another kitty that is as awesome as she was.  She survived being ridden by toddler Luke (not easy...just ask Jane), being shut in Luke's pajama drawer for over 12 hours (true story), and being decorated with a beaded necklace from Ella (also true).  There may have also been ribbons all down the length of her tail a few times but I justified that because Ella was just practicing her bow making skills.
I didn't normally take a lot of pictures of Kiki but for some reason I decided to take some the day before she died.  I'm glad that I did.
Love you, miss you, Keeks.

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