Sunday, February 03, 2013

Boys are just know...

Just because the message is crude
it doesn't mean the sign can't
be pretty.
I tried to explain to her that her door contained a
conflicting message (if you click to enlarge, you'll
see that the peace signs say "You're invited" but the
paper in the middle of them say "No boys.")  She
explained that the invitation to come in applied to
girls only.  Seems a bit sexist if you ask me.

She added a little bit of decoration to the signage
(a glittery star or flower hairclip to each)

Sorry these last two pics are fuzzy...I think I smudged the lens with my finger
between takes.

Disgruntled Ella...she's so cute when she's crabby.
Ella has decided (and rightfully so, if you ask me) that boys are pesky especially when it comes to brothers.  Emphasis on a certain little brother that you all know.  She has decided to be a tad more proactive in her stance of keeping Luke out of her space.  I can't really say I blame her...I'd kinda like to put one of these across the doorway to my bedroom.  Can't say that I wouldn't mind a night with the bed all to myself.  Aron wants to cuddle too much.

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