Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wet, Hot, American Summer*

*I never actually saw this movie...I just find the title interesting.

I'm having a great summer!  No longer being employed has freed up a lot of time to hang with my awesome friends.  I've been more busy in the last month or so than I have in a long time.  Something about unemployment that makes people ask you to go places!

I've been doing stuff like this:
Did a little some  a significant amount of shopping
with these lovely ladies

Dined and rocked with these lovely ladies.

Saw the legend Neil Diamond
in concert

Rocked out with Lit.

Partied with these two.

And this band.
I pretended to lick my unsuspecting friend, Cathy.
I did other stuff besides this but those things were not as bloggable.  Who needs adjudication when I'm doing stuff like this?!

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Con said...

yet, none of these include me. I'm just sayin...