Monday, July 02, 2012

Field Trip #2: Dayton Ohio and the Air Force Museum

Our field trip #2 was to Dayton, Ohio where we went to the national Air Force Museum.  It was a little more in-your-face educational than I go for but we were in the area and it was a freebie (FREEBIE!!).  I'd say the kids enjoyed it a moderate amount.  We took them in the early aviation section up thru WWII.  We talked to them a little bit about how Pawp (aka my grandfather) and Grandpa (aka Aron's grandfather) were both in WWII.  My Pawp participated in V-J Day and was a gunner in the back of a plane.  He was in the Navy and took off and landed on a large ship called the USS Hancock.  One time the plane that he was in didn't slow down in time when landing and it fell off the end of the ship.  He was lucky that someone decided to fish him out of the ocean!

After the museum, we made a pit stop in Yellow Spring to
eat at Ha Ha Pizza.  We had to wait a little bit so Luke whipped
out a comic book and kicked back with the cases of extra soda in the lobby.

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