Monday, July 16, 2012

Milestone: Luke sleepover edition

Be good or I swear you'll never eat ice cream again, Luke.
Luke had a milestone over the weekend.  He went over to a friend's house to spend the night for the first time.  Reports from the friend's Mom indicates that things went well.  No fighting, no crabby pants.  Just a lot of pretend play about Ninjagos.
Please don't notice that only half the fence is painted.

I'm so out of here, Mom.  I'm moving in with Landon.

Walking down the alley from our house to Landon's house.

Welcome, Luke.  Thank you for stopping by.

First, we're going to play Ninjagos.  Second, we're going to
talk about Ninjagos.  Third, we're going to talk about how
we played Ninjagos.  Fourth, we're going to talk about the
Ninjagos we want to buy.  Fifth, we're going to talk about
playing to our true potential.  Sixth, we're going to play Ninjagos
This is also known as the circle of life when you're 6.


tollyfaye said...

I really don't think you covered exactly how much they will talk about ninjagos!!

Anonymous said...

Liam went to his first friend sleepover tonight. I thought maybe I should take a picture but I didn't. But guess what he Packed of course? Ninjagos!!! Apparently universal for 6 yr old boys. !