Monday, July 16, 2012

More random softball pics and assorted info for her memory book

Ok, so I don't do a memory book but since that's essentially what this blog is I'll put all this stuff here.
So proud of this kid!  She worked her tail off this season!

Beautiful sky!  (Ella's on third)

She's on the move!  One thing that's fun for some people to see is how
incredibly fast she is.  She can run out a crappy hit to the pitcher faster
than they can scoop up the ball and throw it to first to get her out.
Aron has nicknamed her "Gazella" which would be a combo of gazelle and
Ella.  She acts like she doesn't enjoy this but I think she does deep down.
Reeeeeeal deep down.  Another fun thing is that she's got a gun for an arm.  I've told
her to bypass her cut-off man and throw it straight to the pitcher from the outfield.

Look, Aunt Robbie "Alligator, crocodile, let's get funky for a while."

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Gram said...

Best and cutest on the team. No, I'm not partial at all. Wish the rest of the team had as much desire to win as she did. Oh well. I enjoyed every game!