Thursday, July 05, 2012

This week at our house...

We had a gigantic tree fall at our old house.  We still own it and rent it out so we had the responsibility of cleaning it up.  We're lucky enough to live in an area where some people use wood burning stoves to heat their homes so there were a few people that helped us clean it up in order to get the wood. 

That wasn't like that before.

See all that in the red circle?  That's more fallen tree.  Yikes.

Luke did a great job pulling his little, red wagon with leaves and brush
to the curb to get picked up by the village.

Aron and Luke worked together quite a bit.  Such hard little workers!

This girl picked flowers...

...and acted like she was Bambi (who is also on her shirt).

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Con said...

Wow! So glad it missed the house! Should've called Ray...he's been off the last couple of would have gotten him out of my hair...just sayin.