Monday, July 16, 2012

Shooting at the walls of heartache, bang bang, I am the warrior**

**I gotta admit that I like this song

Over the weekend, Aron and I participated in a softball tournament to raise money for my cousin's child, Grant, who is 11 and had a brain tumor removed a couple months ago.  He's being treated with chemo and is almost done with his radiation.  The chemo is going to last for another 50 or so weeks (almost another year). 

The tournament required that the men hit with a 16 inch softball (which is huge for those of you who don't play) and the women hit with a regular 11 inch one.  I'm not gonna was a blast! 

Our team, The G Warriors, was made up of family.  We had a couple people that had never played softball on the team along with a couple more that had never played organized ball and/or only played T-ball.  Our first game was against some hard care softball players.  You could tell these people played every chance they got.  We made jackasses of ourselves every chance we got and had a great time doing it.  Aron was our pitcher and did as you would expect for someone who played T-ball for 2 years.  At first, the other team waited for a good pitch from Aron to swing at it.  I finally told them that they would need to start swinging away because it was likely as good as it was going to get from him.  It was a double elimination tourney and we were eliminated in 2 games.  We laughed like fools and had a great time for a good cause.  I would totally do it again (but don't tell anyone else that).
This is me, you know, "warrioring" and what not.

Me and my sweetie, Kat.  She had to google what to wear to a softball game (true story)
but we love her anyway.

Our line-up.  If you click on it to enlarge,
you'll see that right field was shared by Jeff and
an 11 year old.  I'll not spoil it but one of them
was the star of the show.

The hubs: The Babe Ruth
of T Ball, if you will.

Robin taking a beverage break in the dug out.

Robin falling on her butt after her beverage break
in the dug out.
Hubs at bat.

L to R: Me, Kat, and my cousin, Mandy

I think you know these characters but just in case
Jeff on left, Rob in the middle, Aron in back, and me in front.

Best Damn Team In the Land
Back L to R: Uncle Jack, Shlomo (Mandy's husband), Aron, Ben (cousin),
Robin, Josh, Bob, Karen, Jeff
Front: Mandy (cousin), Liam (Mandy's kid), Grant (honoree), Jarrod (super star), Owen
Me, and Julie

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Con said...

You all rock! And, I love the Warrier Hats!! Aron, I'm sure you made them proud, just as in your T-ball days!