Monday, July 18, 2011

Gorman Nature Center

Welcome to the Gorman Nature Center near Sunny Maaaaansfield (only my local friends will understand that. Heck, maybe just Aron will understand that)
Aquariums full of goodies like snakes, turtles, etc.

The happy trio (Ella looks less than thrilled, doesn't she? Maybe she missed the part where I called us the "happy trio." Mommy said look happy so let's make that happen, shall we?)

Ok, so here she's happy in what she refers to as her Super Ella/Super Kitten pose. Sometimes it's Ella that's super, sometimes it's kittens that are super. Whatever.

Jump, Luke. I will certainly catch you. I will most definitely not let you drop even though you ate all my pie the other day when I got up to run to the bathroom. No, I'm not mad that I reminded you not to eat my pie because I wasn't finished yet and that even though I was leaving it unattended it was not actually yours to consume. Nope. Completely over that now JUMP

Look out below!

We went to the Gorman Nature Center last week on the same day we went to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary. They're pretty close to one another so it was easy to lump them into the same trip. I'm not much of a nature girl (zip it, Tori, I can hear you snickering) but the kids love it so I've been trying to do more of that this summer with them. The Nature Center has trails, a welcome center with aquariums full of turtles, snakes, etc, a look-out tower, and a lake.

We missed the Scioto Mile and Santa Maria last week. I think this week's adventure might be the Columbus Museum of Art, the Scioto Mile, and a Columbus Clippers game.

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