Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Anything good on the ol' telly?

I'm so miffed at you right now Mommy that all I can do is hold my baby doll and think angry thoughts.
You see this guy? You're looking into the face of an addict.

I came to the realization a couple weeks ago that the kids were watching more TV than I would care for them to watch. They want to watch it when people come over (in lieu of hanging out with their friends). They want to watch it when they go to someone's house (again, instead of plaing with their friends). They want to watch it after school. After dinner. After lunch. After breakfast. Before school. Before dinner. Before lunch. Before breakfast. I was tired of them asking me CONSTANTLY if they could watch it. The minute we stepped in the door. The minute we stepped out of the door to go somewhere.

IT WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY! Until I realized who was in control. (psst! it's me)

Back when I was a kid, there was no 24 hour a day kids programming (ehem, you can also add in there that I walked uphill to school both ways in the snow with no shoes on. That one's for you, Dad). There are so many fun shows to watch and there's no shortage of great marketing of the shows with t-shirts, the pencils, the notebooks, posters, videos, games, Valentines, books, etc. There are so many 24 hour a day kid television stations that I'm sure I couldn't count them all...although, my mother probably could because she gets many more of them than I do.

Sooooooo, I told them they were going cold turkey. Luke is allowed to watch one hour which he chooses to include Wild Kratts and Cyber Chase. Ella is allowed to watch one hour which she chooses to include Cyber Chase and Arthur. Other than that, I don't want to hear a single request for TV. If they ask me for more than their hour, I take time away. Yes, there has been much crying, pleading, and gnashing of teeth. They're slowly learning to deal with their new reality however sucky and unfair they think it is.

For my own sanity, they're done. DONE I tell ya! If the kids come over to your house and want to watch TV, the answer is no. A firm no. I'll take the heat if you need me to.**

**The exception to this rule comes at Grammie's house. The theme at her place is "what happens at Grammie's, stays at Grammie's" just like when you go to Vegas. I realized long ago that I cannot make Grammie do anything , she watches my kids free gratis once a week, and you get what you pay for.
Oh and BTW, I stumbled upon these pictures the other day while looking through some old picture folders. Ella's is from 2008 and Luke's is from 2009. Cuties, weren't they?


Con said...

What are you finding for your kids to do in the meantime? Is it more difficult for you, as the Mom? I'm asking for myself, b/c this is a very good idea. I find that I use the TV for my own convenience. Isn't that awful?

Annie said...

Read, play toys, play games, etc. Don't feel too bad--the kids' pediatrician says "Everyone's gotta get dinner on the table sometime. You're not the worst parent for turning it on for 30 minutes in order to get that done." I'm pretty firm with the kids about "don't ask me because you're not going to like my answer." I'm a B like that but it works.

Con said...

I need to turn into a B like Annie! lol Seriously, it is something I need to think about. Sam said recently "TV is my life!" Not good. Not good at all.

Starwick Candles said...

You go girl! Take the bull by the horns....and I love the pictures, too! :)