Saturday, March 19, 2011

The School of Luke

Luke: "Hey. Did you know that a half eagle, half lion is a Griffin?"

Me: "Um...........................yes?"

Luke: "Yeah, those are pretty cool."

Me: "Griffins...real or pretend?"

Luke: "Pre-tend, Mommy" with exasperated voice followed by "unless you had a doctor that could take half an eagle and half a lion and sew them together to make a Griffin. That would be awesome."




Luke: "Hey Did you know that half horse, half man is a century?"

Me: "A century? Are you sure you don't mean Centaur?"

Luke: "No, it's a cen-tur-y, Mom." (a long, expanded pronunciation for the not-so-bright Mommy, I guess)
Me: "Whatever. Just don't try to make one in my basement someday with your friends, ok? Cause that's a law suit written aaaaaall over it and before you know it we're "those neighbors." Mommy enjoys a high social status so why don't you just hush up about all the Greek mythology and start talking about how farts are funny again. Thanks, sweetie."
(P.S. Don't worry...I stopped at talking to him in a voice he could hear after "whatever")

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