Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mom update

Her status is pretty decent. She remains heavily sedated and on the ventilator. The ventilator settings are reduced to 40% and will go a bit lower before they start her "breathing challenges." The challenges consist (from my understanding) of essentially turning off the ventilator and seeing how she does breathing on her own. We've already been prepared that it will take several challenges before they are ready to remove the actual ventilator tube from her throat. Once the tube is out of her throat, they will stop the sedation and let her wake up. The challenges will take place either Friday or Saturday. Even if she does well with the tests, they are not planning on removing the vent until Monday at the earliest. They were able to isolate the exact bacteria that caused her sepsis (blood infection) and have been giving her antibiotics specifically to fight that off. She started out with 7 IV meds and is now down to 3--the sedative and 2 antibiotics. She continues to fight off the double pneumonia as well.

All are wonderful signs and we are just going to have to give her time to recover.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Good news all around!

Con said...

Good news! Will keep prayers coming for the Fraizer/Jordan families!!