Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween: 2010 edition

I'll add captions later but in the mean time, here are the highlights...

This would be Aunt Robin who decided to be R2D2
Here are the town teens who decided to try to get some candy despite their advanced age/gender confusion. Rumor on the street is that Uncle Kevin wanted to join them but my Mom was able to hold him back. For that, Aunt Annie was grateful.

Young Luke Skywalker getting ready to take on the Empire in his rebel fighter plane

Young Master Yoda getting some candy from the PD.
The whole troop. Luke (green saber pointed up), Ella behind him as Princess Leia, Myles as Chewbacca (green saber pointed to the side), Aron as Darth Vader, and Chase as Yoda (red saber pointed up).
Darth Vader vs Chewbacca
Good vs evil

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Tori :) said...

Aron is WAAAAY too excited about the whole thing. Let me guess -- he was worse than the kids? ;)