Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble Gobble and what not

I was able to attend Ella's Thanksgiving Feast at school. What do you feed a bunch of first graders to emphasize the Pilgrims and Native Americans?
Cranberry sauce, corn pancakes, carrots, celery, beans, summer sausage and deer jerky (yup, actual deer jerky) along with milk. For dessert, there was pumpkin pudding (4 boxes of vanilla pudding, 6 cups of milk, a small tub of Cool Whip, and 2 cans of pumpkin all stirred together) with vanilla wafers. They made their own butter, too, by shaking heavy cream and salt together in a mason jar (you might want to think about this for your kid-time library club, Mom).

Here's Ella and her friend, Reagan. What a couple of cuties!

What was Ella thankful for? Her Mom.

Take that, Aron!

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