Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ella's Birthday 2010

Ella at the Smart Screen board. Seriously cool. It was like a giant computer screen where you could use your hand to touch and move things around on it.
Me and E in the cafeteria. As a side note, they clearly don't make these tables for anyone over 4'8".

Ella's birthday was last Friday. I surprised her by dropping Luke off at Aunt Robin's (Thanks, Aunt Robbie) and joining her for lunch at school.
I also just happened to bring brownies with cream cheese frosting tinted a lovely royal purple color with bright pink E's on them. I went with Ella and her class to the cafeteria where I munched on salad and a PB & Nutella sandwich. The teacher told me to pass out the brownies after all the kids sat down with their packed lunches or had bought their school lunch. Here's the thing, though. Do you know how hard it is to look at ~100 first graders and only hand out brownies to the 18 of them in her class?! Do you understand how hard it is to have 100 pairs of eyes staring you down as you walk around, just wondering if they won the brownie lottery or if Jimmy sitting next to them was going to get it instead. The little girl sitting across from Ella at the lunch table turned to me and said "Psst! Hey! I want a brownie." I tried to rationally explain to her that I did not have enough brownies for everyone and that I was sorry to not be able to give her one. She looked me dead in the eye and said "Lady!! You're killin me. Give me a brownie."
Mama always taught me that if I didn't have enough to share with everyone....something, something, something. I can't remember the end of that but it seemed really important to her at the time.

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Tori :) said...

SmartBoards are fantastic. I couldn't teach without one . Looks like my girl had a good bday. I seriously can't believe she's 7. Wasn't she just a tiny 6-week-old taking a nap on me? I swear she was...