Friday, November 26, 2010


The other night some friends and I decided to go and watch an Ohio Roller Girls roller derby bout. See below for the highlights...I'll let you know which features of the derby I enjoyed with a simple "love it" or "didn't love it" Yup...this was it... the location...941 Burrell Ave in Grandview Heights...we weren't sure what we were getting into with an entrance like this one. Felt like I needed some sort of secret knock or something. I wanted to knock but my friends wouldn't let me. Loved it--it added to the charm of the event.
Cathy was definitely a good sport. She braved 70 to travel to the 'bus. Look at her carrying her lawn chair (it was a BYOLawn Chair event, you know. Not kidding. Loved it--made it feel more intimate).
See my awesome Roller Girl stamp? Jealous? Yeah, you are. SUPER LOVED IT. I haven't had a hand stamp this spectacular in years.
This was the ceiling. It was only caving in a little bit...or a lot...Did not love that
See the guy to the left of Krystal? He was awesomely drunk and kept yelling obscenities that I can't write on this blog cause I like to keep it G rated for the kiddies. (yup, loved it. He added some atmosphere and a general feeling of queasiness to my tummy) Yup, we were this close to the action...Loved it

Everyone had their own awesome nicknames. You can see some of them on the backs of their t-shirts. Again, I won't repeat some of their names but I super duper loved it. I sat there the whole night trying to think up an awesome name for myself.

The chick on the far left acting like she didn't know us was Amy, then Krystal (looking super cute, btw), Jeanne, and Cathy. You might know Jeanne from this blog right here and Cathy from this soon to be well known Dayton based candle company that I may have promoted on this blog once or twice.

Here's the whole motley crew starting with me and rotating clockwise: Me, Krystal, Amy, Cathy, and Jeanne.

After the match, we scurried on back to the 'burbs to have some dinner purchased with multiple coupons. We like to live on the wild side.

Is there anything that I really didn't like, you ask? The funky smell. It was some sort of strange combo of popcorn, stale socks, and old urine. How do I know about old urine? You just don't want to know.

Fun night with great friends: LOVED IT!


Starwick Candles said...

LOVE IT! Great recap of our evening! What will we think of next? :)

Tori :) said...

Is that green shirt you're wearing the "cat-dog" tee? If it is, I'm geeked. I love mine. Did you know they make it in navy blue now?

Annie said...

TOTALLY my cat/dog tee. It was quite popular.

Tori :) said...

I wore mine to an indie craft store opening in larchmere (literally 3 buildings down from BazBiz East location). Carla went with me, and we ate at panera beforehand. I flashed the shirt while we were in line to order, and she laughed so hard she almost fell down.

Anonymous said...

Ladies, next time you go to this type of sleazy place, I expect you to be chaperoned by someone more mature. Clearly you need the supervision and guidance. I’ll keep my calendar open just for you.

Annie said...

Zip it and go toast some more bread, Dad.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love this post!! Hey! I'm with anonymous ~ looks like fun to me!