Monday, October 04, 2010

This post was brought to you by the letters G, R, A, M, M, I, and E and the number 10

Once again this year, Grammie (and I guess Poppy, too) sponsored a day of riding rides at the fair. The kids rode one day with their buddy, Reagan, and Chase for 6 solid hours pausing only to cry out for more lemon shake ups. They rode another day for quite a few additional hours with Myles.
This is clearly a torture device for small children. I put Luke in thick soled sneakers for his day on the rides at the fair. A little insurance, if you will, for the little guy. There was much straining to qualify for some rides on Luke's part to get to the promised land of "green=yes."
Luke is to the left of the giant Z, Ella's behind him, and Myles is behind her.
The happy trio
Myles is on the far left, Ella to the right of him, and Luke to the right of her.
Luke looks like he's gonna chuck, but Myles is lovin' it! Such big kids!
Ella and Luke also had some time riding with their friend, Reagan (she's in the middle)
They would always ride together even if the rest of the ride was completely empty. So cute.
Even Chase got in on the action.
This was Ella and Luke's first roller coaster.
If this is a police car, I guess that means it took three officers in the front to subdue one Ella (heathen)
Ella and Reagan

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