Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looks like we made it: Conditioner edition

I'm not perfect. (Girl....You know it's true so quit acting so shocked).
I have a bad habit. One that I've been trying to shake for years. No, I'm not talking about drugs...alcohol...ebay...soda...the Kardashians...clothes...none of that. I'm talking about beauty products. It started out innocently enough. I can even tell you about the day it started. My grandparents had decided to invest in a little company called The Limited. They were sent a few samples of lotion from a subsidiary company called Bath and Body Works . My grandma thought I would like the samples so she gave me a couple. The scent was Country Apple. I was sitting in my high school band room and pulled out a sample to try after I put away my flute. I used a small amount on my hands, gave some to my friend, and put the rest away for later. The rest was, as they say, history.
Since that day, I've been collecting many bottles of virtually every product known to man: shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, lotions (the lotions!), bubble baths, etc, sweet sweet smelling etc. I even worked at a BBW while I was in college. A good analogy would be that it was like an alcoholic working at a liquor store. Ah...the days!
This past January, I resolved to make myself kick the habit. My New Year's Resolution was to not buy any more products (not just from BBW but from anywhere) until all of my 1/2 full or just a smidge left or not the correct season for that scent or I just got tired of that scent bottles of product were completely used.
Since January 1, 2010, I've been trying to use up every last bath product I own (Aron has been exempt from this policy. Quite frankly, he uses 2 products: shampoo and soap. Oh and that stuff he uses on his hair to make it poke up like that.). A couple months ago I closed the door on the bubble bath chapter of the resolution (thanks in part to the kids). A couple weeks ago I put an end to the shampoo saga. Today, I finished up my conditioner supply. Through the steam, you can see the upside down bottle of mango mandarin conditioner just waiting to have its last drops put on my hair.
We'll just have to wait and see how it goes for the remainder of the products I'm going to use up (hair styling products, body cleansers, facial scrubs, deodorants, lotions). It may be awhile.
Just sayin.
Sorry it's so steamy in the pic but I had already started the shower when I decided to take a pic.
Wait! Something's missing. Oh what ever will I do?
Fill that empty spot with a NEW conditioner that I JUST BOUGHT at the store? Why, yes. Yes, I believe I will do just that.

Look at him...all snuggled into his new home. So cute. Seems like I need to buy him a buddy for the cupboard...just in case I run out...just one's not a big deal...just one...then I'll stop...I'llllllll.....stooooooooooooooop (tomorrow).

**Full disclosure: A few months ago, I gave several bottles of lotion to my sister-in-law (some might even call it 7 or 8 bottles) that were partially used. I allowed myself to do this not because I wanted to lessen my supply but because I had recently tried all of them and found that they felt weird when they dried on my skin. I have three more bottles in my drawer at work if any of my coworkers want one assuming that my skin is just weird and sensitive to that particular brand.


Tori :) said...

i have that coconut milk stuff, too. i like it. smells yummy.

Tolly said...

I am glad I am not the only one. When we moved this summer I realized I have bottles of stuff stashed everywhere. . . . for all the same reasons. . . I need to take the first step. . . I am a beauty product-o-holic. . . Annie sponser me!!

Dawn said...

How ironic. Nice to know I am not alone. I have such good intentions when I buy something new.... but I fail. I usually end up throwing them out after SEVERAL years of keeping them thinking that I will use them up. Nope - never works that way for me. So, go you!! Good luck.