Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Nightmare on Main Street

I had a nightmare* last night that I can almost guarantee you was caused by my coworkers. I told them that Aron, the kids, and I would be giving tent camping a try on our next vacation.

They think the following is funny:

~Envisioning me camping
~Neither Aron nor I have ever camped (not even in our backyard) in any sort of primative fashion (unless you count these 2 little adventures with a pop up camper #1, #2. I don't personally count this because the camper had a little gas stove, beds, etc.)
~We're camping in the Smokeys (apparently full of all kinds of wildlife including bears)
~I hate wildlife
~I hate bugs/biting bugs/buzzing bugs/etc
~I don't enjoy being hot
~Come to think of it, I don't even really the outdoors very much.
~I hate to feel dirty. I don't even like to use the same fork for dessert that I've just used for dinner
~There are no showers at the campground we're staying at
~There is no running water (that I'm aware of)
~I'm tempted to take along soap and bathe in the near by stream/river/whatever the heck it is

For the rest of you that might also think this is funny, we're only camping for 2 nights. I can survive anything for 2 nights, right? Besides, this way I can cross "primative tent camping" off my to-do list. You all have that on your lists, too, right? I can't be the only one.

*If you're interested, my nightmare was that we were camping and a child-size skunk was chasing me around the campground. It was pointing its tail at me and was trying to spray me. Its tail was some sort of water gun that shot its stinky stuff at me. I'm not lying. He almost shot me with it on the neck! THE!! NECK!!

Can't. Breathe. Must. Stop. Now.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Auntie's idea of camping is a Holiday Inn!!! Maybe you should re-think this!!

Con said...

You can do it Annie! I've survived much longer primitive camping!! Two days is nothing! Think 2 weeks! You can do it!

Gram said...

Just keep track of your cooler. Don't leave it out for the raccoons to get into. Need I mention the cabin experience???

RMJMJ said...

Take this advice from Teddy who has been sprayed at least 3 times, stay away from the striped cats. And take a cooler with a metal latch on it!!! Clearly don't put your non locking cooler in your tent because the animals can still smell it and now the wild hungry ravegenous animals want in the tent with you, similar to your wild safari adventure only meaner and hungryer. Also bathing in mountain streams is allowed. Worse case scenerio, you rent a hotel room.

Annie said...

I'm thinking about trying to geocache while we're there.