Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tourist Trap

(Aron makes fun of me for this but) It is one of my biggest fears when I'm traveling to look like a tourist. Yes, yes, I may take 10,000 pictures of everything we do but I never, never, never want to look like these two...(picture courtesy of the internet)
Because of this fear, I'm constantly on the lookout for awesome pix of people who look like morons on our trips. Like this guy in the speedo at the base of a waterfall we hiked to. The reasons for the taking of this pic are too many to list but lemme give it a good start.
1.) WHEN WERE SPEEDOS EVER POPULAR?? Who ever put one on and actually thought ~Dang. The chicks will be lining up once they get a load of this!~ Are they more comfortable? Are the shorts type of bathing suit really that hard to wear? Are you swimming at time trials and you need an edge?
2.) WHEN HAVE SPEEDOS EVER BEEN ANYTHING BUT THE BUTT OF JOKES? Comedians have long earned their wages makin fun of these guys! Why give them more ammo? It takes the sport right out of it.
3.) YOU'RE BEGGIN ME TO TAKE YOUR PICTURE AND PUT IT ON MY BLOG! I have the maturity level of a 5 year old. Doesn't take much to make me giggle and put your caboose on my site. Thanks for the fodder, sucka!

And this chick! She chucked her left Birkenstock into her 4x4 off roadin' wonder truck and hiked her little tootsies right on the door to put herself at juuuuuust the right angle to nab herself the mother of all mountain shots. Honestly, this is the way you want to present yourself to the world?? You're just beggin for me to chuck something out my window toward your be-hind just to watch you collapse into your truck while I collapse into giggles.
All I ask is that you think about things before you get out of your car, people. Think about it.

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Con said...

I just have a kind of Beevis/Butthead kind of laugh going on in my head!