Monday, April 05, 2010

Ring my beeeeeelll, ring my bell!

Long time blog readers may remembAdd Imageer this Christmas post about how the kids played bells for the church service. Well, the bells were busted out yet again and the kids had an encore performance. Myles is in the diamond pattern sweater vest on the left, Ella is next to him in the polka dot dress, and Luke is next to her with the green plaid shirt on. As a funny side note, what Myles is wearing must be his go to outfit of choice because if you look closely, he's also wearing it in the Christmas video. Luke is a ham and definitely enjoyed performing for the crowd (see also video for proof).


Tori :) said...

OMG, he cracks me up with his spasticity when he gets ahold of those bells!!!

Grammie said...

We gotta keep those bells ringing! Such a joy on a Sunday morning.