Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Big Kid I Have

Aron's job is cool. He is what's called a "City and Regional Planner." His company has been -featured in Columbus magazines/newspapers. Part of his job is to help design large areas of space (where to put buildings, what kind of businesses to put in a space, etc.) and to help plan out what to do with sections of a city.

Last week, his company (along with Aron) presented their ideas for how to develop the downtown of Columbus into an easily commutable (is that a word??) and attractive hub of Ohio. A place where people want to come and spend their time (and dollars) with their family and friends rather than just a destination for work. The downtown has changed drastically since I went to college there a few years ago and the Mayor, City Council, etc want to kept this going.

Aron drew the pictures by computer for the presentation so click here for an article outlining their plans. (Even if you're not interested, click on it anyway because Aron's making me blog about him because he says I don't feature him enough, thankyouverymuch). It's interesting to see their vision of what Columbus will look like in the coming years.

As a side note, Aron's company (not necessarily him) has designed some great spots in and around Columbus. In no particular order:
+ The Bride's Garden at The Franklin Park Conservatory
+ The area around Huntington Park, home of the Columbus Clippers
+ Arch Park next to the Nationwide Arena
+ The Secret Garden in Inniswood Metro Park
+ North Bank Park
+ Helped develop the Master Plan for The Arena District

Current/future projects include:
+ The redesign of the 70/71 split downtown (a HUGE undertaking)
+ Design of more greenspace of the Nationwide Children's Hospital.
Interested in more pix of great planning and landscape architecture? Interested in great pix in general? Visit the company website at


Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff. I would agree--an interesting and neat job. Go Aron!
Aunt Annie

Con said...

The Aron Beautification Project!!! Now we know where Ella gets it! Way to go Aron!

Anonymous said...

Aron's awesome!