Sunday, September 20, 2009

This is one of those little details you may not notice...

(You're looking for about second 15 in the video)

Aron and I went to the ill-fated USC/OSU game last weekend. It was a great time even though we lost.

This is always one of my favorite parts of going to an OSU football game. During the Star Spangled Banner, a group of ROTC guys/gals put up the flag. There's one ROTC guy (shout out to my former ROTC Dad) that comes screaming down the ramp with the rope holding the flag. I never noticed until I sat down close to the field my freshman year. All those guys off to the side pull the flag up with their rope then one singular guy comes sprinting down the ramp to seal the deal by winding the rope around a hook on the pole. Aron thinks I'm a dork but seriously, it's one of my fave parts of a game. Watch for it the next time you go.

(Note to those who are sticklers for detail: the ROTC guy came from the side of the field and not down the ramp before the stadium was renovated a few years ago.)

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