Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We don't need no education

Blue corn chip...yum!
Ella has been participating in Safety Town at her future school this week. This is a great program for kids going into kindergarten in the fall to teach them all about how to be safe in the whole around them. So far, she's learned that the police are our friend and she made a crafty phone to practice how to call 911. We saw quite a few other kids we knew from story hours and pre-k. This morning, Grammie dropped her off because I had to work (boo). She said that she went to drop her off at the door and a girl walked up to her on the sidewalk and said "come on, Ella, let's go" and they walked in the building together. My Mom CLAIMED that she didn't cry at this sweet little sight. I'm guessing she was not being entirely truthful.

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