Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Can you take me higher?

The kids are attending a local VBS (vacation bible school) this week. They're having a blast but I always worry just a tad when they're out of my sight for long periods of time because you just never know what's going to come out of their mouths. And by "their" mouths I usually mean Luke's mouth (P.S. See me for a PG rated story about what came out of Luke's mouth the other day when we visited Aunt Annie and Uncle Kevin. I'll not ruin my G rated blog image by posting it here. I think I've told most of you but let me know if you need a chuckle. No, Kortney, I'm not going to make you sit through it a third time even though you were ever so polite and denied having heard it a first time on the phone tonight. I realized after I hung up that I had told you already).
Anyhoos, I digress.
I've decided I'm not pleased with what they're teaching my children at VBS. Am I morally opposed to something they're teaching? No. Has one of the teachers spoken harshly to one of my children? Not even close. However, they have been teaching my children that they should be getting paid for doing chores around the house so they can collect money for their missions project Project Linus (BTW, this is a really awesome project to participate in...click here for more info).
Prior to this I'd been enjoying a wonderful FREE service from my children of helping me put away the laundry, take dishes off the table, working puzzles by themselves, etc. Now the kids want PAID for it. Not only do they want paid for chores, they want PAID FOR EVERY THING THEY DO! They want paid for going potty and remembering to flush the toilet. They want paid for eating all their breakfast. They want paid for no whining. They want paid for remembering to cover their mouth when they sneeze. They want paid for not making Mommy feel like she's going to burst veins in her neck while yelling in a fit of rage and then "cry sad tears" and want to drink "Mommy juice" until she passes out in a heap at the bottom of the stairs because she couldn't make her legs be coordinated to work those dang steps (who made these dang things so hard to maneuver?!?!).
Plus, this also means I have to have a steady flow of coins on hand to put in their cups on a regular basis. This is a whole lotta pressure for someone who tends to never have cash on her/never remembers to follow thru with things/never remembers anything in general!!
Plus, this makes my kids steal. They're running around the house picking up coin after coin to plop in their little cup. I even caught them taking coins from my car. Would they have turned to a life of stealing/crime without Vacation Bible School? Maybe. Who knows. What I do know is this: I don't like what I'm seeing. I. don't. like. what. I'm. seeing.


Anonymous said...

Not enough time in the day to read and listen to your rambling on about the kind volunteers at VBS. But, you’d better keep your kids out of my coin crock (the one that Ella knows about) or I just might use my eraser on you.

Annie said...

She knows where Grammie's stash is, Dad, so I think you'll be safe for a little while...