Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I love rock and roll...so put another dime in the jukebox, baby

So for the last month or two, the radio in my car has been possessed. It would randomly turn the volume up or down or change the channel or turn to AM. I had taken it to the dealer to get fixed a couple times but they were unable to get it to act up for them and, thus, were unable to diagnose a problem.
I took the car in again to get my windshied replaced yesterday and asked that they check it one more time because we're getting ready to go on vacay and we'll need a radio for the drive. The service guy called me yesterday to tell me that the windshield was replace and that the repair guy was able to get the radio to act up for him. He said that the guy took my radio out and found that there were several (he did not name the exact quantity) coins that someone had shoved into my CD player/radio. Now I'm not gonna name any names but I think we all know who did this to my radio.

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Anonymous said...

Stop picking on the defenseless little guy. He just wanted to see if you could make music from money. Make sure that you get the coins back from the dealer. I know they came out of my car or coin collection and I want them back.